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TSG Gurukul offers study avenues for both in-house and day boarders and gives wide options for day boarders with excellent transport service and in-house students with boarding facilities.

What is Merit?

Merit entails responsibility and understanding of obligations. When assessing levels of merit the selection committee will ask itself the question is the student likely either now or at some later time to take full advantage of the opportunity of studying at TSG Gurukul? If the answer is 'yes' or 'most probably' then the student is likely to be admitted.

Admission Tests

The entrance tests will not seek primarily to examine prior knowledge of facts. Facts are of course important but of no less importance are understanding, critical thinking, and general aptitude. The tests will cover a wide range of disciplines including English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities, but they will focus also on general reasoning and critical thinking.

The Admissions Interview

The interview is designed to allow the student to introduce themselves to the panel, to discuss their application form, and to present some aspect of their life of which they are proud or which is of greatest interest to them.

For further information about admissions or general information about the school please contact: 9777441650


Each academic year comprises Three Terms. The tuition fee includes: course fees, examination fees, use of textbooks, library books, basic exercise books, visual arts materials, IT fees, laboratory fees, Board study materials and tests, mandatory educational excursions that are a part of the core curriculum and other academic costs. The Boarding Fees includes Boarding, Lodging & Four Times Fooding Charges etc.


The application processing fee is payable at time of submission of the application form. Without this, the applications will not be processed.

The registration fee and security deposit for new students are payable within 30 days from receipt of an intimation from the school. Failure to make this payment will result in the offer being revoked.

Admission Fees/Readmission fees are to be paid at the starting of each Academic Session. Tuition and Boarding Fees will be payable before the start of the respective terms. (Three Terms)

Application processing fee payments are to be made in favour of TSG Gurukul by cheque / demand draft / bank transfer or by cash. All other payments are to be made as per the instructions on the invoice.